About GKR Stories

About GKR Stories

great kitty rescue gave hope to the cats

The Great Kitty Rescue was the largest cat rescue in history and started in July 2007.  To read about it, go visit The Great Kitty Rescue website

The Great Kitty Rescue Stories are the stories of the cats, their adopters and the volunteers that have worked with and fallen in love with the 900+ cats rescued during the Great Kitty Rescue.

Here we will share the stories of the individual cats and the volunteers that helped to rescue them.

It is our hope that knowing these stories will encourage people to get involved and join us on our mission.

–    To be aware of hoarding situations and help stop them
–    To support Trap Neuter & Release Programs
–    To join the mission to make “No Kill” a reality at all shelters
–    To understand that ALL cats can be socialized
–    To encourage people everywhere to volunteer and to support shelters and rescue groups
–    To help people everywhere to see that cats are very social, loving and interactive creatures
–    To promote our “One Cat at a Time Campaign” to find homes for all of these cats

We and the cats hope you join us!

10% of all proceeds from any sales associated with this site will be donated to the care of the cats of The Great Kitty Rescue still awaiting adoption.

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