Bramble’s Story from The Great Kitty Rescue

Bramble’s Story from The Great Kitty Rescue

Bramble is a Scared Kitty
Bramble is a Scared Kitty

One of the most dedicated volunteers at The Great Kitty Rescue got to know Bramble better than anyone.

Dacia first met Bramble when she was assigned to Room 10, a room of “feral” cats. Dacia and the other caregivers soon found out that these cats were not feral at all; they were just traumatized and terrified after all they had been through.

Even Bramble whose cage sported a sign saying he was mean and untouchable.

I have seen first hand when a caregiver quickly labels a cat as “mean” or “vicious”. Yes, many of the most scared cats can come across as cats you cannot work with. But to label the, set a negative tone and turn your back on them is unforgivable.

Dacia ignored the sign and took a chance on Bramble with very positive results. In her own words, “This cat is NOT feral.  He purred. He is scared and traumatized and it has been a long time since someone has been kind to this cat.”

Read Bramble’s and Dacia’s entire story and see how a little love and kindness can bring out the best in a cat, even a “Mean” one.

3 thoughts on “Bramble’s Story from The Great Kitty Rescue

  1. Dacia (AKA Savanna)

    Thank you for posting Bramble’s story! As you know, I also worked with him in Pahrump and came to the exact same conclusion…he was a very scared but sweet kitty that was misunderstood with his “tough guy” attitude. The hardest part about working with a large number of abused kitties is the time that it takes to truly assess who they really are…kind of like peeling an onion. So many of them were probably once loved pets that somehow ended up in that horror show of a “sanctuary”. They learned that people were not to be trusted and their only defense was to act as tough as possible. Survival of the fittest… So many of them are really marshmallows as we know!

    Speaking of marshmallows, I still have Ninja, Harley, and Rollie (AKA “The Boys”) who are total sweet lovers that are now living the good life with bottomless food and water bowls and all the comfy trappings any pampered kitty could want. They are still leery of strangers (not surprising) but once you are accepted into their circle of trust, they are all you could want in a companion. They love nothing more than having lots of head kisses!

    For anyone out there thinking about adopting a cat, please consider one of these awesome babies that have so much to offer if only given a chance! You will never be sorry…

    Thanks again, Dacia!

  2. Dacia,

    I have just started looking at the stories posted, yours is the first. Gee, I am left feeling empty. Where is Bramble?

    Denise Davis

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