Cat Care Giving – Part 1

Cat Care Giving – Part 1

great kitty rescue cats at rescue village
Cat care giving is really exhausting work physically, mentally and emotionally. I love it, but it can be draining.

My husband Bob and I travel from San Diego to Kanab every four to six weeks to work with the cats at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Cat World. We have done this ever since the Great Kitty Rescue.

Each time we go, I make promises to myself to post about my daily experiences while volunteering and to take lots of photos of the cats.

Although I do manage to take some photos, once I get home, it never seems like enough.

And I have yet to achieve my goal of posting every day. I thought I had it all figured out, how easy it would be to post every day even if I did it during the lunch break.

Well, lunch breaks were taken up by eating salad at Angel Village, catching up with friends and meeting other volunteers.

After arriving at our home away from home, a quick shower, an ice cold drink while sitting on the porch discussing the day, checking e-mails, FaceBook and Twitter and making and eating dinner steal away the evening. By the end of it all, I am way too tired to concentrate on writing anything coherent.

In some ways, I think the easiest part of cat care giving is the physical activity.

In the cat areas that consists of pulling the wet food dishes from the night before, making up new wet food dishes including community bowls and special diet bowls, making sure all the meds are done and washing dishes. After that it is time to clean. The cleaning routine includes scooping litter boxes, wiping down surfaces, brushing bedding or replacing it, sweeping and mopping the floors.

Some of the cats just ignore the fact that you have work to do and shamelessly solicit pets. Others are very disturbed and run to a spot they think is safe from all of the commotion. Some just keep a close watch wait it out.

Of course all of the cleaning is frequently interrupted by taking time to talk to and pet the cats. After all, while clean is important, ultimately it is all about the happiness of the cats and that includes giving lots of love and attention.

Next up…the mental aspect of taking care of cats.

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