Cat Care Giving – Part 2

Cat Care Giving – Part 2

a cat and a Litter box

I guess how mentally draining cat care giving is depends on how much you invest yourself in it. I have known employed caregivers and volunteers who cheerfully go about their daily tasks without getting too involved with thinking about it all too much.

And then there are those, like myself who get so involved with all of the details of every aspect of making sure the cats are as happy and healthy as possible. This is not to say that people who don’t think about it all as much don’t care as much about the cats – they do, but they don’t take on added responsibility and they don’t have to.

Either do I, but I can’t help myself…

Cat care giving is mentally exhausting when you watch each cat closely to make sure they are eating, using the litter box with ease and no issues, that they are acting ‘normally’, and that they have no obvious health issues like dental or respiratory problems.

Every task becomes a source of discussion – is this the best way to get this done? There are always differing points of view about how to get things done. As new programs are implemented, there is more discussion and more challenges.

More importantly there are different points of view about how each cat should be treated. Cat care givers cannot help but get attached to the cats, and they will have favorites. This sometimes causes dissention if someone doesn’t agree with the decisions being made about a particular cat.

And always, there is the quest to do more for the cats. We try to figure out ways to give them more quality time, pets, play and socialization.

Anyone involved in cat rescue, cat care giving and cat adoption will tell you there is lots to think about and the more involved you are, the more mentally tiring it is.

A lot of this ties in closely with how emotionally draining cat care giving is. I’ll talk about that in my next post.

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