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Adopting Great Kitty Rescue Cats

Adopting Great Kitty Rescue Cats

great kitty rescue cats for adoption in san diego
It was an unbelievably horrific situation, but there were some light hearted moments during the Great Kitty Rescue that saved everyone’s sanity.

Sadly, (and I apologize), I do not remember this volunteer’s name but her advice made us all laugh and gave us a good tip.

We were taking a break and sitting around and talking about the cats ~ of course! One of the things everyone did was to make a list of their favorite cats, the ones that if number were no object they would take home in a heartbeat.

As with parenting, we all know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but the truth is that even as you care for and love all of the cats, there are always a few (or more!) that you connect to in a special way.

When I first met the cats of the Great Kitty Rescue, I fell in love with so many of them. Getting to know them, their names, their personalities – it was all such a delight.

Kermit, Patch, Dexter, Baxter, Peek-a-Boo, Squeeker, Kaiser, Yin, Andy Bartholomew, Eclipse, Pacific, Oblio, Sir Robin…the list kept growing.

We all knew we couldn’t adopt them all no matter how much we wanted to. Many of us had the additional obstacle (or way of keeping us in check) of having partners who had definite ideas about how many cats should be in our homes.

“You all need to do what I did.”

“Why, what did you do?”

“Well, after my first day of volunteering, I called my husband. When he asked me how it was going, I told him I had fallen in love with a 100 cats, but that I had narrowed the list down to my top ten.”

He said, “You are NOT bringing ten cats home!”

“I insisted that I didn’t know how I could possibly leave them behind. So, when I came home with just three he was extremely happy and relieved.”

More than one volunteer used that technique after that 😉

P.S. As I said, we know that we cannot adopt them all, so the next best thing we can do is to help find them a loving home. Do you have room in your heart and home for one of these orphaned cats?

Bogart, Agent and Friends

Bogart, Agent and Friends

bagart a great kitty rescue cat relaxes

Some of the cats from the Great Kitty Rescue have been enrolled in the The Lone Star “Outlaws” program at Best Friends.

I have met most of the cats enrolled in this program and have them to be as sweet as can be.

I also believe that some of them do get along with other cats (I’ve seen it in action) and that they just are tired of dormitory living.

Every cat blossoms when they brought into their loving forever home and the same would be true of these cats.

With some of the, they get over excited or over stimulated and that is when they act up a little. Once you get to know them, (as with any cat), you will learn their “signals” and prevent their little mishaps.

Are you ready to adopt a special cat?

Sultan and Quinn | his seeing eye cat

Sultan and Quinn | his seeing eye cat

Anyone who has worked in cat rescue knows that many cats bond to another cat, sometimes more than one. They form close friendships to one another that can last for many years if they are allowed to stay together.

They will be seen playing together, sleeping together and grooming each other.

Such is the case with Sultan and Quinn. But their relationship has an extra special facet because Sultan is vision impaired and Quinn looks out for him.

great kitty rescue cat sultan regal in the sunlight

To what extent Sultan can see, we don’t know since you can’t really give a cat an eye test. His right eye is cloudy and while his left eye is clear, it doesn’t seem as if he can see clearly out of it.

You need to approach him slowly so you don’t startle him, and he tilts his head a bit to get a better sense of you. Once he realizes you are there to pet him, he relaxes and enjoys the pets or brushing – or baby food or treats!

Sultan’s feline friend, Quinn used to hide a lot. Especially under the table, crouching down behind the big pillow beds on the floor. Gradually, he became less afraid and joined Sultan on top of the table by the window. They now spend their days side by side, trying out the various cat beds.

Quinn seems to sense that Sultan has a bit of a disadvantage and he nuzzles him frequently to let him know everything is okay. When anyone goes up to them, both welcome pets and rub each other and the petting hands.

The power of Quinn’s friendship has given Sultan more confidence and courage. He ventures out to both the front and back areas of the yurt to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

And I don’t believe it has been a one way street. Sultan’s friendship and his reliance on Quinn have given Quinn more confidence and courage.

Their friendship is mutually beneficial and we are hoping that they can be adopted together so that they can continue their wonderful friendship.

Do you have room in your home and heart for these two handsome boys, or do you know someone who would love to give them their forever home?

Jim – A Cat For Adoption

Jim – A Cat For Adoption

gteat kitty rescue cat for adoption jim a siamese
Meet Jim, a Siamese-looking cat without the yowl. Can you believe that someone abandoned this handsome boy?

Jim is a sweet tempered fellow who loves pets. When he does elevator butt, he ends up flopping on his side and moving in circles on the floor as you continue to pet him.

Jim gets along well with other cats and is very even tempered and easy going. The only time he is in the least demanding is when he wants pets, sometimes he just can’t enough of them!

And yet, he can be quite content on his own lounging in the sun or just enjoying the fresh air.

Below is a video recently made of Jim during a petting session that he solicited from a caregiver.

Do you have room in your heart and home for an abandoned Siamese looking cat with a sweet disposition? Please contact the Cat Adoption Department at Best Friend’s at or use the Contact Form for information on how you can bring Jim home with you.

Take a Cat Home for Christmas

Take a Cat Home for Christmas

Kendra a Great Kitty Rescue cat
Come meet some of my feline friends looking to be adopted or fostered. I know each of these cats personally and have for quite some time now. They are all very special cats, with unique personalities and I and their caregivers have a delightful relationship with each of them.

These cats are survivors of the Great Kitty Rescue ~ resilient, loving and really ready to come home. I have and continue to work with hundreds of cats and while each cat is looking for their forever home, you sense when one cat is “beyond ready” to go home. While they are well cared for, petted and loved, they tire of what we call dormitory living. They get along with other cats, but want a home, a bed, a person of their own. They want to stop living with 20 to 30 other cats so they can get some real quality one on one attention.

Are you ready to fulfill one of these cats dreams? Can you give one of them their forever homes?

Contact us if you want to adopt one of these orphaned cats or have any questions. These cats will love you, I promise!