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Meet Sterling

Meet Sterling

sterling a great kitty rescue cat for adoption at best friends animal sanctuary
Meet Sterling, a handsome and social grey and white cat for adoption.

Sterling and I have been friends for nearly two years and I can tell you that he is as charming as he looks!

He is friendly, loves pets, knows his name and likes to play. His fur is soft and he will give you head butts to let you know he is happy to see you.

Sterling will want attention when you bring him home. Since he was rescued with over 800 cats in a case of institutional hoarding, he feels like he hasn’t gotten enough one on one time with people.

And dormitory living hasn’t helped. Although he gets along with other cats, he thinks that living with 20 to 30 in cat quarters is a little too much.

He really needs to find a family. He will just blossom once he gets into his very own home. Is Sterling the purrfect addition to your family?

Sterling | Adopt a Cat

Sterling | Adopt a Cat

adopt great kitty rescue cat sterling
It is with great pleasure that I introduce my feline friend Sterling. As you can see from his photos, Sterling is an extremely handsome grey and white domestic short haired fellow.

I have known Sterling for almost two years now and have been constantly delighted by his intelligence and charming personality.

Things were not always so good for Sterling. He is a survivor of the Great Kitty Rescue and so has been through a horrible ordeal. He hasn’t let that get him down though.

When I first met Sterling up at Rescue Village, he took it upon himself to be the official greeter at The Kit Kat Club and would stand in the outer airlock waiting to rub whoever came in. Of course he expected pets in return!

Sterling comes to you when you call his name. He likes to play and is inquisitive. Right now he is a little tired of living with so many cats in a feline dormitory and can be a little jealous if you pay attention to another cat while visiting with him.

Here is one story I would like to tell about Sterling: I had been volunteering one week each month throughout 2008 and so got to know Sterling very well. As happens sometimes, life interfered and I had missed a few months of visiting the cats. In the meantime, Sterling had been moved to a new residence. But, despite the time I had been gone and Sterling’s new situation, when I opened the door to his dorm and called his name, he came running! We had a grand reunion and he was as sweet as ever.

Another interruption and I didn’t see him for 6 months! Again when I went to his dorm, he welcomed me like a long lost friend (see the photo of him head butting me!). Since then I have resumed my monthly visits and am always so happy to see Sterling.

But, what would make me happier is to see him join a family of his very own. As I said, he is tired of this feline dormitory living and he is a bit discouraged because he doesn’t feel as if many people see him and get to find out what a wonderful cat he is.

If you are interested in adopting Sterling or have any questions, please let us know by using the Contact Us form.

Take Me Home for Christmas

Take Me Home for Christmas

Take a Rescue Cat Home for Christmas

There are many orphaned cats that are looking for homes. This is their lyrical plea to you to adopt or foster one of these beautiful felines.

If you fall in love with one of the cats rescued from 10th Life Sanctuary by Cat Depot or from The Great Kitty Rescue, we can help arrange transportation.

Or, you may choose to adopt a cat or foster a cat locally. Check for cat rescue groups and animal facilities in your area. Your local Petsmart may be teaming with a local cat rescue group, giving them space in the store to introduce you to the cats waiting for you to take them home for Christmas.