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Hugo’s Medical Results

Hugo’s Medical Results

As promised, I want to share the medical results for Hugo. The final diagnosis was that he had an atypical case of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).

My first thought was, “Leave it to Hugo to have it be atypical!”

Hugo was always a very special cat. Handsome, intelligent, stubborn and ultimately so very loving.

As we all know, despite over 20 years of research, the experts still do not know why FIP develops. They know the cause, but not the why. Nor has anyone come up with a treatment. The “effusive” or “wet” version of FIP is swift in its course and in all but a very few cases as documented by Dr. Irene de Villiers, it is deadly.

His veterinarian, Dr. Ann Middleton of the Cheshire Cat Feline Health Center, suspected FIP from the very first, but the lab results did not support that diagnosis. In this case, experience and instinct were sadly more accurate that lab results.

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