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Miami Love and Loss

Miami Love and Loss

great kitty rescue cat miami regal and magical
Miami Mistical

I first met Miami back in February 2008 in a yurt up at Rescue Village – his yurt was called the Kit Kat Club. I was immediately taken by his gorgeous long haired tuxedo coat and regal stature. Cautious and shy, it took some time for him to accept the baby food we offered each of the cats in an effort to give them positive reinforcement, to show them that we could be trusted and to let them enjoy a treat. Miami remained more guarded than some of the cats, but did enjoy the proffered baby food and treats and we built an easy if somewhat guarded friendship.

When the Rescue Village cats were moved down to Cat World, Miami took up residence in Benton’s Room in Benton’s building. Miami found the rafters and withdrew from humans for a while, but he always had a feline friend to give him companionship and comfort.

As the months and years passed he offered glimpses of the once trusting boy he had been in the smaller and somewhat more relaxed atmosphere of Rescue Village. Each time Bob and I would visit, we would enter Benton’s Room and go out onto the patio and call his name. He would consider us with serious eyes, but more often than not he would come down from the rafters and join in the Party Mix and baby food party.

As time passed, Miami’s health deteriorated and he was in acute kidney failure. With his fear of being touched by humans, it would have been extremely difficult to treat him and being handled would have been traumatic for him. When his caregivers came in and found him hanging his head over the water bowl and not moving, they knew it was time to say goodbye. Miami was crossed the week of July 13th and his placement took place on Tuesday, July 28th at 10:30 am.

It hurt terribly that I couldn’t be there to say goodbye or for his placement, but I lit a candle and said my good-byes long distance. Cathy Bosley placed stones for Bob and I and I will bring my own markers to pay tribute to him the next time we are in Kanab.

Visiting Benton’s will not be the same without Miami and I will miss spending time with him. We all have that list of cats in our minds and hearts that we wish we could bring home. For me, Miami was on that list and it saddens me deeply to mark his name off of it…

Pre-Dinner Allorubbing

Pre-Dinner Allorubbing

Miss Aurora Adams has been with us four months as of tomorrow. As you can see from this video, she has settled in rather nicely.

She does love to eat and is right there with the boys when it is meal time. The other day I caught her almost allorubbing my leg as I stood at the kitchen counter preparing their dishes. When I looked down she suddenly realized what she was about to do and ran to the doorway.

Although petting sessions are still a dream of the future, we can give her pets on her tail that cause her to dash away – but only a few feet and then she turns to look at us in disdain.

We are fighting to overcome five years of the only human touch being netted for grooming, dentals and other medical treatment. She has excellent role models in Kermit, Sylvester and Mick Jagger. She watches closely when I sit on the floor after dinner and Sylvester and Kermit come running over for pets. Sylvester settles in on my lap and Kermit snuggles beside my leg.

She seems utterly happy, content and healthy and there has been no more matting of her fur – yeah! I guess she is grooming herself better than she did up at BF.

Dogs and the Great Kitty Rescue Cats

Dogs and the Great Kitty Rescue Cats

great kitty rescue cat mariah is still waiting for her forever home

Cats & Dogs?!

The Cat World Team at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is raising funds for the Strut Your Mutt event in Kanab on September 27, 2014.

For the second year in a row, the “Pahrump” Great Kitty Rescue Cats are joining in the efforts to raise funds.

Says Cat World staff members, “Given their demonstrated toughness, perseverance, resilience, and forgiveness, they figure raising money for such a good cause is something they just need to do. After all, they don’t want any four-legged creature to go through what they did. They are doing their part to help Save Them All.”

In honor of all of the GKR cats you have loved and cared for and in many cases adopted and for all of those precious GKR cats who have passed, we hope you will make a donation to the Pahrump Great Kitty Rescue Cats Strut Your Mutt team.

Thinking About Jewel

Thinking About Jewel

Great Kitty Rescue Cat Jewel relaxes
Great Kitty Rescue Cat Jewel

Jewel was a lovely Siamese Snowshoe cat with a good deal of cattitude. From the very beginning she let us know that she really didn’t belong with all of the other cats from the Great Kitty Rescue. She always maintained that a terrible mistake had been made.

Up at Rescue Village, she did spend a lot of time hanging out with Jim, one of the other Siamese cats. He was more easy going and seemed to calm her and give her some comfort. However, she showed a trait back then when entertaining visitors that continued throughout the years. If people came to visit, she wanted all of the attention to herself and would snap at Jim if he came too close to get his share of the loving.

Great Kitty Rescue cat Jewel has blue eyes
Jewel Blue Eyes

Jim was good about it and would let her have her diva time. After Jim was adopted late in 2010, I think Jewel missed him and was a bit lonely.

Over the years when we visited Jewel in Niblet’s Nest, she would recognize us and respond to us. But she could be moody and it could take some time for her to turn on the charm for pets and treats. At other times, she would hear our voices and run over to say hello head butting and allorubbing as she purred up a storm.

Last year Jewel had a sore on her front leg that would not heal. Ultimately, they found that it was cancer and the decision was made to amputate her leg in the hopes that the cancer would not spread. After her surgery, Jewel was moved to the lobby.

This video shows the first time we visited Jewel in the lobby after her surgery. She was a total joy to be with that visit and as you can see she seemed to like having us around.

Jewel got along just fine as a tri-pod kitty and would scoot around the lobby without a care.

Sadly, the care taken to try to insure that the cancer did not spread was unsuccessful and Miss Jewel was crossed just months after her surgery.

As with many of my GKR feline friends, I miss seeing her when we return to BF to volunteer. I understood and respected her moods and attitude and enjoyed every second of her warmth and charm when she chose to bestow it on me.

A Farewell to Popper

A Farewell to Popper

It is always sorrowful to hear of the passing of one of the cats that survived the Great Kitty Rescue. And when they pass at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary it adds another layer of sadness.

Not because Best Friends isn’t a wonderful sanctuary – it most certainly is. And the caregivers are fantastic with the cats, taking such good care and loving them all. Still, it is a sanctuary and not a home.

I feel regret and guilt because the cats that pass while living there have never gotten back to living in a loving home if they had one or never experienced it if they didn’t.

Although we are not supposed to have favorites among the cats, the truth is that we do. Some bond with you more, some you’ve had special interactions with, some tug at your heart a little more for some intangible reason – there are many ways a cat weaves its way into your heart to become a favorite.

For me, Popper was one on my list of favorites and it was with great sadness that I heard of his passing.

It was all the more difficult because he was crossed just days after we had seen him during our last trip to BF and he had looked and acted fine. The first and last photographs above are from that visit.

In fact, his caregivers were surprised too and had this to say:

Popper crashed and we had to cross him this morning. He was doing fine yesterday. It happened so fast with toxins dumped into his system from kidney shut down that it affected his brain. He was neurologically affected.

Popper was one of the cats that you could tell had been someone’s pet at one time. He was tame, but scared and confused about the road his life had taken. Over the years, he became less fearful of his human caregivers and became courageous enough to come to me and lick baby food from my finger when I sat on the floor in the yurt.

He went through another readjustment when Rescue Village closed and the remaining cats were moved down to Cat World. Popper was assigned to a room in the Colonel’s. He initially reverted to being shy and running, but after a while he began to exhibit that calm confidence of his.

Popper was a gentle soul, you could see it when he stared into your eyes and gave his bashful smile. Yes, Popper had a smile for us and it touched me deeply when he sent one my way.

Bob and I traverse Cat World when we are volunteering, going from one building to another and we frequently passed the patio where Popper hung out. Each time we walked by, we would call to him, Aurora, Tootsie, Tonto and the others. Popper would come to the edge of the fence to say hello and give us sweet eyes.

When we visited with Popper and our other feline friends in his room, he would steer clear of us at first, yet still giving us sweet eyes and listening to all we had to say. Once I pulled out the treat bag, he would tentatively make his way over to me. And when he remembered our routine, he would sit beside me waiting his turn for a treat.

I will miss spending time with my feline boyfriend and I will cherish the memories of this kind and handsome boy.

Farewell dear Popper – you were truly a cat worth knowing and I thank you for blessing me with your attention.