Amigo, Mon Amour

Amigo, Mon Amour

great kitty rescue cat amigo adopted

An update from Lisa Gonzalez and her Great Kitty Rescue cat, Amigo.

When I heard about what was happening in Pahrump and the work Best Friends was doing, I really wanted to pitch in and help. I hadn’t volunteered with Best Friends before, so I drove from southern California to spend just a day in Pahrump that September. I spent the day cleaning, and I had a little time to socialize with the cats, but it was hard to only be able to spend a little time with so many needy kitties. I kept hoping I could get back to do more volunteering, but I couldn’t fit it into my schedule. I kept thinking about how I could help the most, and I decided adopting a kitty would be the way to go.

I already had two cats, and my girl kitty, Koko, is pretty fussy, so I though another boy kitty would be best, to be a buddy for my little grey tabby, Yum Yum. I looked over the many photos of the Pahrump kitties, and I thought I recognized a black cat, Ziplock, as one of the cats who had watched me pet some of the other kitties, but had been too timid to come up to me. I emailed about adopting him, but he was on medical hold, so the adoption coordinator sent several pictures of other black cats that were available.

It was hard to pick just one, but I decided to choose the cat that seemed like he would have a hard time getting adopted. Amigo looked kind of down in the dumps in his picture, so I decided to choose him.

Here’s his old blog picture –

Amigo before being adopted
Amigo before being adopted

I had never adopted a cat by just a picture before, but I felt confident Best Friends knew which cats were ready to go to their forever home. Amigo was one of the last of the kitties adopted right out of Pahrump in January 2008 – a few weeks later, the remaining cats were sent to the sanctuary.

Others have mentioned Jerry Bell as one of the most dedicated volunteers, and he drove Amigo to my home in Pasadena that day, along with a couple other cats being adopted in southern California. Amigo turned out to be a lot bigger than his picture indicated, but he is quite lively and likes to play with Yum Yum, though he outweights him by quite a bit!

Amigo shyed away from me for almost the first year, though he always enjoyed sitting on the end of the sofa. Now he cuddles next to me on the sofa, and leans against me for pets, though he is not a lap kitty at all. He still jumps a bit when you walk by him too quickly, but he is a very gentle kitty and never hisses or swats at the other kitties, even though Koko still hisses at him occasionally. Now that I have moved back to my hometown in the Midwest, Amigo is really enjoying watching all the squirrels and birds in the yard.

Though I was only able to participate in the Pahrump rescue for a day, I am so glad I decided to be a part of the rescue long term, by adopting one of these very special kitties.

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