Remember Austin? It’s ZyeDeCo!

great kitty rescue cat austin adopted

Great Kitty Rescue cat update from Austin to ZyeDeCo by forever Mom, Heather Kolsara…

My fiance and I were able to volunteer 4 – 5 hours in Pahrump to help these kitties out. I had the choice of just being there with the kitties and help socialize them or go to the vet’s place where some of the kitties were also. I chose to help socialize them. I’ve never seen so many cats in one place! I wanted to hold them all and kiss them and tell them they will be okay now. I have never seen such organization! Things were running so smoothly for Best Friends just taking over!

I got home and my visit still weighed heavily on my mind. I looked at the website over and over, wanting to adopt one, but I already had three cats and a puppy. In September I saw the web page for Austin and I just knew I had to have him! He was one of the kitties that were at the vet’s in Pahrump when I was there. Austin liked to play and I had an over active puppy and at one time I did have four cats…so what was another? He was FIV+, but I knew he would not bite my other cats, and my cats are not fighters and I knew Best Friends would not send me a cat that bites knowing the situation he was going into. I checked into him often and then found out that he had a lump in his stomach and had to be moved to Best Friends to save the trip back and forth from Las Vegas to Pahrump to see the vet all the time. It was now Christmas time, not a good time to get a new animal. Things did not look good in getting to adopt him. Finally, I had my inspection and was cleared to get him.

The next thing I knew was that Best Friends was coming here with some animals in exchange for harder to adopt animals from Animal Ark. Austin would be on that truck and be here in a couple of days! If this wasn’t a sign from above! I remember anxiously awaiting for that truck to arrive. I was there when they opened the door and there he was…on the botton left as you opened the door! I knew it was him! After all the cats were safely indoors, I finally got to hold him. I have never adopted a cat from a picture and description, but I knew he would be a lover and he was!Zandas De Goldy, Zura-Kesa, ZyeDeCo, Zimba-Zacco

On the ride home, he never meowed, it’s as if he knew he was going to a safe place and always would have plenty of food, water and love. My cats took right to him and he was okay with them. Since all my animals start with the letter “Z”, I knew I would have to change his name. I decided ZyeDeCo – which he answered to by the fourth day! The “Zye” & “Co” is for Nye County where he came from and “De” is from a transgender friend of mine who is misunderstood like the FIV+ status is.

I can’t thank Best Friends enough not only for doing what they did for all the kitties of The Great Kitty Rescue, but for getting ZyeDeCo to me! He is doing great and doles out leg rubs like you wouldn’t believe. He has become the official greeter for all my friends that come over. He is such a lover boy and I’m so glad he is one of my “kids!”

High-five for FIV+ kitties: If you’re looking into adopting a cat, I recommend an FIV+ one. Everyone that I have talked to says the same thing – that they are lovers and the best cat!

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  1. ZyeDeCo passed away on December 31th, 2011. He is missed by all who knew him and loved him. I will cherish my memories of him and he will ALWAYS be in my heart.
    The night before, we adopted a special needs cat named Zolin Al’ay and he did not get along with any of the other cats. The next day he became a lover and loved head butting people. We found out ZyeDeCo went over Rainbow’s Bridge around the same time that Zolin Al’ay changed. Coinsidence? I think not. I KNOW ZyeDeCo’s soul is now carrying on in Zolin Al’ay!

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