Coopurr the Beachcomber from the Great Kitty Rescue

great kitty rescue cat cooper

Catching up with Mary & Thurman Worthington and the most adventurous Great Kitty Rescue Cat!

In October of 2008, we volunteered for a week at Best Friends.

During that time, we met Cooper (now spelled Coopurr), and we adopted him.

Coopurr has become a precious member of our family, and we have become willing members of his staff. He loves to sit in our laps, and he always gives us a kiss before settling down. In fact, he kissed our vet after she checked him.

He likes to drink from the faucet in our bathroom, play with his toys on our king-sized bed, sleep with us, and walk on a leash. In turn, he has enriched our lives.

We live in Virginia Beach, VA , and Coopurr loves to walk on the beach.great kitty rescue cat cooper going for a walk

He has been to my husband’s office, and to the the beauty salon, where I was having a manicure.

Wherever he goes, he leaves people smiling. His days at Best Friends obviously prepared him to be a great spokesman for the sanctuary, and we are the beneficiaries.

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