Critical Care Cat

Critical Care Cat

Little Bit Finds A Whole Lotta Love!

great kitty rescue cat cc

Great Kitty Rescue cat CC –  redubbed Little Bit, gets all he needs from Judi Hanf and Kurt Incledon…

We adopted a scrawny little cat – then known as CC (Critical Care – because the Best Friends people didn’t know if he would make it) from the local PetsMart here in Las Vegas. We named hime Little Bit, because he needed a little bit of love, little bit of food, little bit of just about everything. He, of course, was a little wary at first, but took to our house quite easily. Plenty of room to explore, comfortable temperature at all times, no need to worry about food and two loving people taking care of him.

Two years later, he runs the house and we happily have made him the most spoiled cat in creation! And we love every minute of it and him. He is the most loving, cuddly and affectionate cat we have ever seen. He had a few problems – deep ear infection and a few teeth problems, but he came through wonderfully.

Now I could not even imagine not having “Little Bit” around. He has given us more than a Little Bit of love. He has turned out to be the best cat and look at how gorgeous he is! He’s the poster child for ‘You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!”

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