Catching Up with Gumdrop

great kitty rescue cat gumdrop

Pollie Seaford fills us in on life with Gumdrop from The Great Kitty Rescue…

We knew Gumdrop for over a year before we decided to take her. She was severely under-socialized and had a tendency to slap anytime something displeased her, which was almost everything. She was a total couch potato, her only exercise was going to the food bowl or litter box, or changing to a different bed. She was actually adopted at one point but brought back because her new family couldn’t make any progress with her.  (Please see note below) But after she came back, something clicked between us and she started letting me approach her occasionally and pet her. She would even roll over and let me rub her belly.

Taking her home seemed like the right thing to do, since we seemed to be making progress. Two months later she has blossomed into a spectacular fashion! She races around the house, playing with toys, she sits at her window watching for birds or rabbits and follows them from window to window; she hasn’t slapped me for a long time.

She has a foster brother (also a Nye County cat) that she bosses around shamelessly and she grabs his head in her front paws and cleans his ears while he shrieks and wiggles like a little boy.

She still dictates when we’ll have a petting session and if she doesn’t want to be petted right then, she runs. When she does want to be petted she really gets into it; she loves to have me massage her fat little belly while she makes muffins on the side of the bed. She quite often gets so excited she rolls right out of bed! She is an adorable little character who delights us every day with her antics and we can’t imagine life without her now!

Note: We are all so happy that our Gummy has found her forever home. But we also want to share that Gumdrop’s story shows how a cat’s experience influences their behavior.

I first met Gumdrop when she was enrolled in the Feline Finishing School as a “quick flip”, meaning that although she was afraid, she could be socialized quickly.

I will never forget the first time I went up to Gumdrop for classroom time. As I approached, she hunkered down and I wasn’t at all sure of the reception I was going to get.

Taking a deep breath, I reached in to pet her and…she let me. As I continued to pet her, she relaxed and began to purr. Later that week Gumdrop joined Bob and me for a sleepover in the Wildwood.

great kitty rescue cat gumdrop on her 1st sleepover

Gumdrop was adopted, but it was an adoption that went awry and Gummy came back further withdrawn than she had been.

Again we see that their negative experiences make them fearful and their loving experiences make them trust and blossom.

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