Jasper – the Class President

Jasper – the Class President

great kitty rescue cat jasper hanging out

Jasper is a graduate of Miss Sherry’s Finishing School for Felines. And he is not just any graduate, he was Class President of the first graduating class. He was chosen for this honor because in his own words:

“My manners are impeccable. I’m friendly, social and playful. I’m relaxed and confident. I went from being a “challenging student” to the top of the class.

“AND not only am I Mr. Charisma, I am such a handsome cat. I’m a rare ‘black tabby.’ with silver stripes.”

We all knew what a handsome and loving boy Jasper is. We also knew that with his high level of energy, intelligence and inquisitiveness, he would need a very special forever home. While some people may think his loving to be close to the point where he rides on your shoulders while you do your work cute, not everyone would be so tolerant.

Happily, Jasper has found just such a special home, Here in her own words, Jasper’s adoptive Mom tells how she came to fall in love with Jasper:

I am happy to share with you for your website how I ended up with Jasper.

Last June, my boyfriend of four years decided to break up with me and move out of the house we had bought together. It was a total surprise to me and I was devastated; I was already feeling depressed because my mother was terminally ill. I sent an email to all my friends, saying “I Need Help!” My friends gave me different suggestions, the primary one being “take care of yourself.” So the first thing I decided to do was to adopt a kitty cat. I went on the internet and typed in “kittens for adoption California ”, and it took me to Miss Sherry’s Finishing School for Felines. There right in front of me was a photo of Jasper James being held upside down.

The photo reminded me of a friendly, flexible cat named Scrubby whom I had loved so much when I lived in London years ago, and I thought to myself “that’s the cat I want”. Then I read that Jasper was “Class President”. I love cats with personality, so that sealed the deal!

A few months later, I thought that Jasper might like a companion, so I adopted a female tabby cat named Weasel. An East Bay cat rescuer had found Weasel swimming in Lake Merritt , presumably left for drowned, so Weasel is a hearty, confident, unflappable cat much like Jasper.

Jasper and Weasel gave me so much support and comfort that I was able to start enjoying life again. I bought my ex-boyfriend’s stake in the house, had a great year at work, and found a new boyfriend who loves the cats as much as I do.

Jasper and Weasel got on like fire from Day One. They still rough and tumble, groom each other, and following us around like puppies. Speaking of puppies, we are adopting a golden retriever puppy this June, so Jasper and Weasel are going to have a new brother. I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. way to go cous you have everything and certainly you have been a blessing , your waay awesome and so is your mom

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