great kitty rescue cat kermit

As many of the people at Best Friends will tell you, Kermit chose us and wasn’t going to be happy until we realized it and took him home with us. So, at the end of our May 2008 visit to Kanab, we did just that amidst joyful tears of goodbye.

He was wide eyed, but settled in quickly. Still, it took many months for him to totally relax, totally trust us and have his true personality blossom. Up at the yurts, he spent most of his time sitting in the cat tree. Everyone told us we had to have a cat tree for him. So of course we made sure to go buy one for his homecoming. He has never sat in it! I guess he thought the one up at Rescue Village was his safe place.

Kermit loves pets, loves to play and is very interactive. He hums when he gets excited and wants to tell us all about whatever has caught his attention. He comes running to the door to say hello when I get home and rolls on the floor asking for pets. If I spend too much time on the computer and not enough time with him, he will sit at my feet, stare up at me with those large sea green eyes and emit a single “Meow.”

Kermit really enjoys his meals. In the morning and evening, I give each of the cats a small portion of wet food mixed with a little water. Kermit get SO excited…he shakes his tail and brushes the air with his left front paw. When I give him his bowl, he settles down and really savors his food, taking his time, eating very slowly. (In contrast to Sylvester who occasionally chokes himself because he eats too fast!)

Kermit is one of the happiest cats I have ever met with a most delightful personality.

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