GKR Orange Brigade

GKR Orange Brigade

I have known Great Kitty Rescue survivors Nachos, Kudos, Yam and Tommy for about 4 years now.

GKR Orange Brigade
GKR Orange Brigade

At first I had trouble telling these four orange tabby boys apart. Now that I know them so well, it seems odd that their identities were not readily apparent to me. As I got to know them better, I saw their physical differences and since their personalities have blossomed over the years, I can see that they are decidedly unique individuals.

As Rescue Village was being shut down (for cats anyway), the boys were moved down to Jill’s Diner in Cat World. For those who have not been there, Jill’s is a smaller compact building with just 4 rooms. The rectangular lobby houses the kitchen and supplies and there are two cat rooms on either side of it. The boys were housed on the room to the far right as you enter the building and it was always one of our first stops.

One of the striking things about Nachos is his memory. Every single time I see him, as soon as he hears my voice, he comes running. I know this is more due to the fact that he knows me as the “baby food lady” than a profession of his undying love. All the same, it is remarkable to see and very heart warming.

Moving to Jill’s did not diminish his devotion and each time I entered the room and called out their names, Nachos would immediately come over.

GKR Cats Kudos Tommy YamAt Jill’s the boys typically hung out on the top shelf of the cubby wall unit. At this point, Yam and Tommy were the only two who accepted pets. Even up at the yurts, I could sit on the floor, jar of baby food in hand and be surrounded by cats. Some would get so close that they would put their paws on my legs to get to my baby food loaded finger. Nachos and Kudos were two of those cats. But – and this is a big but – they would never let me pet them.

When the new Cat HQ opened, it was decided that Nachos, Kudos and Yam would move into a room in the new building. (I’ll admit it, I feel rather sorry for Tommy left behind and separated from his buddies.)

We were at BF the weekend of the dedication of the new Cat HQ and got an advanced look. The runs in the new building include a door into the hallway with a window beside it that can be opened by the caregivers from the hallway. There is a storage unit on the other side of the window so the cats can jump up and sit to look out the window into the hallway.

When we got to the room that was now home to Nachos, Kudos and Yam I said hello to them and Nachos came running up to the window and even went so far as to meow at me repeatedly. All three seemed happy to see us and as Yam is pettable, I gave him some pets.

On our last visit to BF, Jenn told me that all three boys were now pettable – wonderful news! But not so true for me…

Yam of course accepted pets and Kudos did too but was shivering slightly at my touch. It seems he is still getting used to humans touching him like that.

GKR cat Nachos
Nachos is Handsome

Nachos on the other hand wanted no part of it. He looked at me as if to say, “Hey, that’s not in the rules to our relationship!”

I have found that each cat establishes different relationships with their caregivers and other people they come to know. And so each person’s experience and description of a particular cat will not always match up.

In many cases when one person makes that break through and the cat trusts them enough to let them pet them and pick them up, the cat will allow other patient and gentle cat lovers to have a similar relationship with them.

So, as I head up to Kanab next week, I am hopefully looking forward to finally petting Nachos after all these years.

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “GKR Orange Brigade

  1. How I loved reading this from Kermie. I remember Kermit well in Pahrump and remember the names of the others. I plan to look back on my Pahrump pictures and see if I have any of them from the *other* life. My daughter adopted Windsor, an orange kitty from Pahrump, at the San Diego adoption that we all worked at. Windsor, now Huckleberry, is now the sweetest, loving boy living in Nevada, with his Mom and two kitty sisters, Quincy and Holly. All are loved beyond belief.

    I have often said prayers that each little soul have the loving homes that they deserve. Love hearing about them. Thank you.

    1. I remember Winston (and of course you and your daughter very well) from the San Diego adoption event. Poor Winston was so under the weather that weekend. I am thrilled to hear he is doing so well 🙂 If you do have any photos that you would like to share, I would love to post them on the website.

      Thanks Anne!

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