Goodbye Andy Bartholomew

Goodbye Andy Bartholomew

I could never get a really good photo of Andy Bartholomew. He was always so active and whenever I pointed the camera at him, he would walk over to me. Being very inquisitive and intelligent, he wanted to know what I had in my hand. This resulted in many blurred shots of Andy’s face, belly and tail.

Great Kitty Rescue cat Andy Bartholomew

Andy was always on our top ten list. You know the one, the list of cats that we would take home if we could adopt that many cats.

So, it was with mixed feelings that we said goodbye to Andy the day he was adopted along with his “sister” Crystal.

Great Kitty Rescue cat Crystal

We were so happy for him to finally have his forever home and sad to know we wouldn’t be seeing him every time we came to Kanab.

And now we must in our hearts and mind say a final goodbye.

Goodbye my feline friend. You were an extra special cat who will be remembered by many with love.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Andy Bartholomew

  1. From Dacia ~ A Eulogy for Andy B…

    Some die without having really lived, while others continue to live, in spite of the fact that they have died. So it will be.

    Those of us that knew this sweet soul will greatly mourn his passing. But, for those who did not know Andy Bartholemew… the greater loss is theirs — never hearing his sweet voice, feeling his soft fur, or looking into the eyes of a cat who KNEW he deserved better than where he came from.

    And rather than mourn the absence of the flame, let us celebrate how BRIGHTLY he glowed.

    I called him my little Peter Pan cat, because he was still so kitten-like in his mannerisms….

    So, here is a big CHEERS to Andy B.

    “Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning. Have a wonderful flight sweet boy. Say hello to the rest of our furry friends for us. We will all meet you there.”

  2. From Polly ~ Thank you so very much for these links; they made me cry and they made me laugh. Andy was a bright spot in the crowded chaos of the yurts when the Sheri Allen cats first came to Rescue Village. He was always cheerful, always playful, always a prankster who made us stop the work for a few seconds and just revel in the wondrous resiliency of these special animals who had endured so much. Every one, and there have been so many now, who crosses the bridge takes a piece of my soul with them. Your tribute to Andy was absolutely beautiful and touching and could only have been written by somebody who truly knew and loved him unconditionally. Thank you.

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