Great Kitty Rescue Cat Dice

Great Kitty Rescue Cat Dice

“Our” Miss Dice has been adopted and I couldn’t be happier for her and her new mom!

From what we’ve been told, Dice’s new mom volunteered in Pahrump during the Great Kitty Rescue and fell in love with Dice. She has thought about her all this time and finally decided now was the ideal time to give Dice her forever home.

Dice in Pahrump

This was posted by a volunteer in Pahrump:

“Dice is a sweet, sweet girl. She went from being a fierce feral to a shy sweetie. She REALLY bonded with one of the volunteers and would wrap her arms around her neck in a hug and allow the volunteer to kiss and kiss and kiss her! She still has not found her purr, but she did find her voice and likes to call for her caretaker to give her some attention. She likes other kitties and soft places to lie and she LOVES food.”

Dice at Rescue Village

As many of you know, Dice attended Miss Sherry’s Finishing School for Felines where she was making great progress over coming her fear and learning to trust humans. Once the cats conquered those obstacles, they were free to, well, act like cats – playing, snuggling, and soliciting pets.

In the summer of 2008, Dice was dealt a blow though when a mass was discovered at the back of her neck. Although it did turn out to be benign, it had to be surgically removed. Dice came back from her traumatic experience very wary and not as happy as she once had been.

A second surgery In April 2009 for a dental left her even more untrusting of humans.

Everyone carefully let her know that she was safe and loved, but she never quite made it back to the level of socialization that she had achieved prior to the surgeries. She would run from humans and it was difficult to get a pet in.

She was still quite the siren with the other cats though. Dice does this dance that she has been doing since her days in Pahrump. At Rescue Village and at The Colonel’s she would perform it 3 or 4 times a day. She stands in the run and “calls” and some of the cats come running. She allorubs them (she even did this through the room divider) and they rub each other and everyone seems so happy. She always has one or more boyfriends at her beck and call and is a bit of a tease.

Dice at Home

Her new mom reports that Dice is settling in nicely and has already made friends with one of her new siblings – that would be just like our Miss Dice!

Another happy ending for one of the Great Kitty Rescue cats – a HUGE thanks to her new mom and to everyone who helped Dice find her forever home!

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