Hugo Needs Your Help

Hugo Needs Your Help

An Update on Hugo

Hugo is a survivor of the Great Kitty Rescue. After being rescued from this horrific institutional hoarding situation, Hugo graduated from the Feline Finishing School where he learned to trust people, to love and be loved and to act like a cat.

Hugo went on to stay with a foster family who worked with him on his graduate studies. When they felt he was ready, Hugo was adopted by a wonderful woman who has fallen totally in love with him.

After only 8 months of a perfect life, Hugo suddenly became seriously ill. He is in need of special care, but his Mom has been unemployed for months and doesn’t have the money to pay for it. Hugo’s Mom is heart broken as are Hugo’s human friends. Hugo has been brave and strong and he deserves a chance for a longer life with his doting Mom.

We have started a fund raising campaign at Give Forward called Pennies for Purrs to help pay Hugo’s medical bills. As of right now, the vets involved with his case are baffled as to what is wrong…

2 thoughts on “Hugo Needs Your Help

  1. Sure hoping for the best for Hugo. Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers. He is just a sweetie. I have a soft spot for all the GKR kitties because of what they have come to represent. A very special group of felines.

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