Kermit’s Anniversary

Kermit’s Anniversary

Three years ago today, we adopted Kermit, loaded him into the car amid tearful goodbyes and brought him to his forever home with us.

Great Kitty Rescue cat Kermit on white

Kermit, Bob and I have all come so far from that day – all of us growing in understanding, trust and love. I marvel at his transformation from a frozen, terrified kitty to the purring ball of fur that snuggles close to us in bed making bread on whatever body part is closest.

I am in the middle of putting together a video tribute to our boy, but in the meantime I thought I would share some photos that illustrate Kermit’s growth.Great Kitty Rescue cat Kermit on his cat tree

This photo was taken up at Rescue Village in The Finishing School. Kermit had graduated to the Playroom and had claimed the tree by the window. You could approach him without him running away if you moved slowly and gently. He would be frozen kitty at first, but he has always loved pets and once he understood that is all you wanted from him he would relax.

Great Kitty Rescue cat Kermit saying goodbye
This is the day we took Kermit home. He is actually meowing good bye to everyone. He did so good on that trip…until we got to Barstow. When we stopped for gas there, he must have thought the trip was over. He got very animated, but when we started back on the road, he turned his back on us and wouldn’t even acknowledge us. He fell asleep and didn’t wake up until right before we got to the Coronado Bridge.

Once we were on the bridge, I opened the window a bit and he seemed intrigued by both the view of the water and the smell of the ocean air.

Great Kitty Rescue cat Kermit looking at San Diego Bay
At first, Kermit was scared of his new home and of us. But with pets and Sal being a good role model, he started to enjoy his new home.

Great Kitty Rescue cat Kermit bonded with Sal
This is a photo of Kermit at his one year anniversary with us. Relaxed, cozy and happy with his brother Sal.



Great Kitty Rescue cat Kermit is a couch potato


Year two – a couch potato enjoying a good bath.




Great Kitty Rescue cat Kermit's anniversary nap

And this is Kermit taking a cat nap as I write this.

Kermit continues to evolve and it seems as if the bad memories of Pahrump have faded significantly. Happy Anniversary Kermit ~ we love you!

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