Pre-Dinner Allorubbing

Pre-Dinner Allorubbing

Miss Aurora Adams has been with us four months as of tomorrow. As you can see from this video, she has settled in rather nicely.

She does love to eat and is right there with the boys when it is meal time. The other day I caught her almost allorubbing my leg as I stood at the kitchen counter preparing their dishes. When I looked down she suddenly realized what she was about to do and ran to the doorway.

Although petting sessions are still a dream of the future, we can give her pets on her tail that cause her to dash away – but only a few feet and then she turns to look at us in disdain.

We are fighting to overcome five years of the only human touch being netted for grooming, dentals and other medical treatment. She has excellent role models in Kermit, Sylvester and Mick Jagger. She watches closely when I sit on the floor after dinner and Sylvester and Kermit come running over for pets. Sylvester settles in on my lap and Kermit snuggles beside my leg.

She seems utterly happy, content and healthy and there has been no more matting of her fur – yeah! I guess she is grooming herself better than she did up at BF.

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