Princess Leia was loved

Princess Leia was loved

Up at Rescue Village, we never called Princess Leia by her full name. It was only after she was transferred to Niblet’s in Benton’s that we had to use her full name to distinguish her from the Princess currently residing there.

Princess Leis was always a bit of an enigma. At first she was very fearful and would frantically run whenever someone got too near. Over time she gained some confidence and she became calmer.

She spent a lot of time with her buddy Patch before he moved down to Cat HQ – I think she missed him when he transferred.

But, she was social with the other cats and formed feline friendships with the others.

She still ran whenever she felt you were too close, but she wasn’t as panic-stricken as she once was. And she became a bit of a tease. She would scamper just out of reach and then sit and look right into your eyes as if to say “I could let you pet me if I wanted to.”

I believe that she really was curious to be petted and was working up the courage to let her caregivers lavish her with pets.

Of course I wish that she had known the warm feeling of a human petting her, had experienced elevator butt and the rumble of a purr in her throat in response to those pets.

It saddens me that she did not reach those benchmarks…and yet I know Princess was loved by many both feline and human. And I truly believe that she knew that.

2 thoughts on “Princess Leia was loved

  1. Corrine that was beautiful. Rest in peace sweet girl you will have a lot of wonderful kitty company up at the bridge rub up against Elmer for me.

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