Revisiting the Cats

Revisiting the Cats

Great Kitty Rescue cat Andrew relaxes

Even though Miss Sherry’s Finishing School for Felines has closed and the name of the yurt has been changed to “Mustang Ranch”, there are still some of the former students residing at Rescue Village.

As most of you know, many of the cats have been moved down to Cat World and integrated throughout the buildings down there. We spent almost an entire day with Andrew, Delilah and Oblio at Cat HQ. We visited with Layla and Sterling in Benton’s and Bogart, Delta, Ayesha, Wild Child, Candy, Dancer, Demi, Pacific and Cybil in other buildings.

Ozzy and Puddy acknowledged us, but wouldn’t let us pet them. I was happy to see Lexy looking so good. She was perched up high, but looked right at me when I called her name and talked to her.

Stopping in to say hello to Robin, Polly and Marcus we saw:

Delphi ~ Who is still in love with Bob, but she sniffed my finger and didn’t run. She sat really close and watched us and followed us as we said hello to the other kitties. She never stopped being close to us when we were there.

Guess ~ Who sniffed my finger, said hello and let me pet her.

Zappa ~ He was transfixed as I talked to him & he followed me, but wouldn’t let me touch him.

Joker ~ Robin says that something has changed with him, he is more attentive, follows, and watches. He sat beside Delphi and looked up at Bob with such intention.  A couple of weeks after our visit they discovered that Joker is in renal failure…

Our Miss Dice ~ Was just off a dental. She is still a runner. But, she does this thing that she used to do in Pahrump. Robin sees her do it 3 or 4 times a day. And, I saw it myself while we were there. She stands by the divider and “calls” and some of the cats in the other room come running. She rubs her body along the room divider and they rub it and each other and everyone seems so happy.

Snow ~ He is doing so incredibly well and has even gotten chubby. No medical at this point, not even fluids.

Thumper ~ He is doing great and was SO receptive…pet me, pet me!

Bond ~ He is just the best, as loving as ever and doing so well!

Patch ~ My buddy is doing so good; has lost some weight & just needs love.

Jewel ~ Wrapped around us, literally.

Whisper ~ A runner, but really listened from a distance.

Kendra ~ Kendra as always is just perfect.

Ferrari ~ Ditto Kendra comment!

Many of the cats from the Great Kitty Rescue are still at Best Friends. If you get a chance, go on up and see them ~ they would love the attention! And if you know of anyone looking for a cat, they are still looking for their forever homes.

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