Sylvester’s 3rd Anniversary

Sylvester’s 3rd Anniversary

Happy 3rd Anniversary Sylvester!

Great Kitty Rescue cat Sylvester is confidentWe celebrated Sylvester’s third anniversary with us on September 30, 2011. He seemed unfazed, but liked the special treats.

I on the other hand still marvel at how far he has come and what a happy, well adjusted cat he has blossomed into.

I was looking back at Sylvester’s Blog and reminiscing about the various milestones:
Sylvester purrs for the first time.

  • Sylvester rolls near me for the first time.
  • Sylvester pushes into my hand for pets & does his first elevator butt!
  • Sylvester calls to Kermit and Kermit replies.
  • Sylvester makes bread for the first time.
  • Sylvester twitters at Kermit & Sal.
  • Sylvester comes to the door when I get home.
  • I woke in middle of the night 2 nights in a row with Sylvester on my chest.
  • Sylvester has started to sleep with us; at Bob’s feet or on the perch.
  • Sylvester sits on my lap for the first time.

There have been many “firsts” in Sylvester’s three years with us and the wonderful part is that they continue. Maybe each one is not as monumental as in his early days with us, but he continues to evolve and grow in confidence and trust. His confidence in himself and trust in us allows him to be more relaxed, content and inquisitive and all of that leads to new behaviors.

One of the joys we get nowadays while watching Sylvester’s continuing journey of discovery is seeing him learning how to play. As those of you familiar with Sylvester’s story know, he never had the chance to be a care free kitten and never learned to play. We now catch him tossing a catnip filled mouse in the air or poking at various cat toys.

Great Kitty Rescue cat Sylvester in the cat scratch loungerJust last week he rolled in his “cousin” Callie’s Scratch Lounger with utter delight – another first.

So, happy anniversary Sylvester and thank you for being one of the GKR cats who have taught me:

  • That love and patience can be transforming.
  • That courage comes in all sizes, even in a 10 pound fluffy tuxedo cat.
  • That a willing spirit is resilient in the face of adversity.
  • That earning trust is a privilege and an honor.

As Kermit would say, “I yuv you!” ♥

3 thoughts on “Sylvester’s 3rd Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary to the whole family especially sweet Sylvester. We will never forget where you came from and the huge strides all you wonderful kitties have made. My Emmet sends his love and wishes as well.

  2. Sal, you are just an amazing kitty. I’m so glad your humans brought you into their lives, and share it with us. You are such a special kitty to me because of what you represent and what you have achieved and proved to the world about cats. May you have many more years to amaze us. Wear that tuxedo with pride!

  3. Happy 3rd Anniversary Sylvester!
    I’am so glad on your behalf that you know have a good life.
    I did not know about your anniversary the 30th of Sep. Would have celebrated with you because that was also my birthday.
    I wish you many years of good life.

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