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Judy Bobzien

Judy Bobzien

I just learned today of the sad passing of a wonderful friend of the cats of the Great Kitty Rescue.

Judy Bobzien lived in Pahrump and was a walk in volunteer who quickly became one of the many “regulars” volunteering 25 or more hours every week to help the cats. Judy was there right at the beginning and stayed until all of the cats were adopted or moved to Best Friends and the grounds of the former FLOCK compound shut down.

Unfortunately, I do not have a clear photo of Judy as she always stayed in the background in her desire to showcase the cats. This is a photo of Judy when KVBC-TV went to cover the “end” of the Great Kitty Rescue – yes there she is behind the cage petting Cassie.

judy bonzien at the great kitty rescue

Judy passed away quietly on Monday 1/23/12 in her home as was her request after losing her battle to cancer. Those close to her and with her at the end tell us that she was strong through it all and continued to be a kind and caring person to the end.

Her wishes were that no services or memorials be held for her. Instead she asked that anyone wishing to honor her make a donation in her memory to her two favorite no-kill animal charities:

Best Friends Animal Society, Tax ID # 23-7147797, 5001 Angel Canyon Road, Kanab, Utah 84741.

Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Inc., (“Nevada SPCA”) Tax ID # 88-0187383, 4800 W Dewey Dr., Las Vegas, Nevada 89118.

I think Judy must have gotten a huge reception up on the Rainbow Bridge. I like to think of her petting and playing and loving all of those cats from the Great Kitty Rescue who have left us all too soon. Thank you Judy for all you did for the animals…



You may not remember Great Kitty Rescue survivor Nova. Many may have never met her.

Great Kitty Rescue cat Nova
Miss Nova June 2010

We do not know how Nova ended up at FLOCK, but we do know her story after she was rescued.

Nova was one of 18 cats “adopted” by a small cat rescue group in Buffalo, NY. When faced with the enormity of caring for and finding homes for over 700 cats, the Cat Adoption Team at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary did all they could to place the cats in homes or with other rescue groups.

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Goodbye Andy Bartholomew

Goodbye Andy Bartholomew

I could never get a really good photo of Andy Bartholomew. He was always so active and whenever I pointed the camera at him, he would walk over to me. Being very inquisitive and intelligent, he wanted to know what I had in my hand. This resulted in many blurred shots of Andy’s face, belly and tail.

Great Kitty Rescue cat Andy Bartholomew

Andy was always on our top ten list. You know the one, the list of cats that we would take home if we could adopt that many cats.

So, it was with mixed feelings that we said goodbye to Andy the day he was adopted along with his “sister” Crystal.

Great Kitty Rescue cat Crystal

We were so happy for him to finally have his forever home and sad to know we wouldn’t be seeing him every time we came to Kanab.

And now we must in our hearts and mind say a final goodbye.

Goodbye my feline friend. You were an extra special cat who will be remembered by many with love.

A Tribute to Hugo

A Tribute to Hugo

As some of you already know Hugo’s vet, Dr. Ann Middleton of the Cheshire Cat Feline Health Center, helped him to pass on January 14, 2010. His mom, Bob and I were there with him showering him with all the love that everyone had for him and for his mom for all she had done to enrich Hugo’s life.

He was a cuddle bug – yes, Hugo had turned into quite a lover – right up until he left us. He solicited neck rubs from us and even did an abbreviated elevator butt.

It is so hard to accept this fate and difficult to believe Hugo is really gone. I do find solace though in the fact that Hugo found a loving home and had blossomed into a wonderfully friendly and confident cat.

You are gone from our daily lives Hugo, but you will never be forgotten!