Thinking About Jewel

Thinking About Jewel

Great Kitty Rescue Cat Jewel relaxes
Great Kitty Rescue Cat Jewel

Jewel was a lovely Siamese Snowshoe cat with a good deal of cattitude. From the very beginning she let us know that she really didn’t belong with all of the other cats from the Great Kitty Rescue. She always maintained that a terrible mistake had been made.

Up at Rescue Village, she did spend a lot of time hanging out with Jim, one of the other Siamese cats. He was more easy going and seemed to calm her and give her some comfort. However, she showed a trait back then when entertaining visitors that continued throughout the years. If people came to visit, she wanted all of the attention to herself and would snap at Jim if he came too close to get his share of the loving.

Great Kitty Rescue cat Jewel has blue eyes
Jewel Blue Eyes

Jim was good about it and would let her have her diva time. After Jim was adopted late in 2010, I think Jewel missed him and was a bit lonely.

Over the years when we visited Jewel in Niblet’s Nest, she would recognize us and respond to us. But she could be moody and it could take some time for her to turn on the charm for pets and treats. At other times, she would hear our voices and run over to say hello head butting and allorubbing as she purred up a storm.

Last year Jewel had a sore on her front leg that would not heal. Ultimately, they found that it was cancer and the decision was made to amputate her leg in the hopes that the cancer would not spread. After her surgery, Jewel was moved to the lobby.

This video shows the first time we visited Jewel in the lobby after her surgery. She was a total joy to be with that visit and as you can see she seemed to like having us around.

Jewel got along just fine as a tri-pod kitty and would scoot around the lobby without a care.

Sadly, the care taken to try to insure that the cancer did not spread was unsuccessful and Miss Jewel was crossed just months after her surgery.

As with many of my GKR feline friends, I miss seeing her when we return to BF to volunteer. I understood and respected her moods and attitude and enjoyed every second of her warmth and charm when she chose to bestow it on me.

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